Facility Rental

The ski jump stadium facilities at Okurayama and Miyanomori are available for uses such as events, conferences, and photography.

KK Sapporo Shinko Kosha, the designated manager of Sapporo City’s ski jump stadium facilities, accepts applications for use of these facilities.
Except for days which are scheduled for activities such as ski jump competitions and training, these facilities are available for events and other uses.
In addition, the conference room in the Main Office building can serve as the venue for various types of conferences. Following a conference, the Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium and Nouvelle Presse Restaurant located within the Sapporo Olympic Museum Annex can also be used for dining parties or meetings.

Facilities Available for Private Use (Costs Apply)

Ski Jump Ramp (Okurayama and Miyanomori)
Main Office Conference Room (Okurayama)
Spectator Field (Okurayama and Miyanomori)
Entrance Plaza Stage (Okurayama)
Filming (Movie, Television, Photography) … Okurayama, Miyanomori, and Araiyama ski jump facilities, Museum)
Winter Sports Theatre (located within Museum)
Library (located within Museum)
Entrance Hall (located within Museum)

Available for Private Use!
Sapporo City Jumbo Video Vehicle featuring 270 Inch Aurora Vision

KK Sapporo Shinko Kosha, the designated manager of Sapporo City’s ski jump stadium facilities, offers private use rentals of the Sapporo City Jumbo Projection Vehicle, which is equipped with a 270-inch jumbo Aurora Vision system. This system is ideal for activities such as events, publicity, and more.
This highly-versatile video presentation system is drivable under its own power, and is often used for a wide variety of purposes, including Sapporo’s famous Yosakoi Soran Festival and emergency drills. Its wide variety of uses include all manner of events, festivals, school festivals, community-based events, publicity, advertising, and notifications.


Sapporo City Designated Ski Jump Stadium Facilities Manager
KK Sapporo Shinko Kosha, Okurayama Operations Department
TEL +81-11-641-1972